What Is the Solar Panel’s Average Lifespan?

Businesses and homeowners all over the world gradually became more involved in terms of installing solar panels to make their lifestyles more sustainable. To know whether having a solar power system in homes is worth the investment, it would be best to realize the solar cell panels’ average lifespan. 

solar panel’s average lifespan is 25 years. But this does not indicate that your roofing panels will stop making electricity after a few decades. It only signifies that after that time, the production of their energy might be reduced beyond what the manufacturers of solar panels decided on the rating of their production output. In this article, we’ll be discussing the solar panels’ standard warranty, particular maintenance needed, how you could prolong your solar panel system’s life and some factors that can impact their lifespan or might restrict their performance and efficiency. 

Solar panels standard warranties 

The warranty’s duration displays you the estimated life expectancy of solar panels according to the manufacturers. Solar panels’ standard warranty is 25 years. At this time, manufacturers can see to it that that panels will function at or close to their maximum efficiency. The majority of warranties ensure at least 80 percent of their rated output. Once a panel is qualified to manufacture 300 watts, the panels’ warranty would cover it as they manufacture approximately 240 watts within 25 years. Other companies might provide a longer guarantee or warranty at 90 percent or more efficiency. 

Reasons solar panels degrade 

There are a lot of reasons why panels might be damaged faster than the expected lifespan. Once solar panels are improperly installed, experience heavy soiling, or become exposed to severe changes in climate, the crystalline silicon panels might encounter a higher degradation rate. The technology’s superiority utilized by various manufacturers could be one of the factors why solar panels degrade as well. 

Installation problems 

To prolong a solar panel’s life span, you have to take into consideration a few important aspects. Solar panels are intended to be durable and not to be susceptible to defects. But keep in mind that you should be really careful as you install and connect the panels for the first time. Because of this, it would be essential to look for a reliable solar panel installer near you. As you align the solar panels in selections, the solar engineers should have to consider the condition of the roof below and the connection system. Once an installer does not properly assess your roof’s nuances, then a leaky, damaged, or an old roof can result in extreme issues over time. 


In terms, if the longevity of panels, weather plays an important role. An extreme windstorm could make the branches of trees to fall on panels, which could probably damage the solar panels’ anti-reflective glass, Heavy snowfall could possibly be the reasons why panels have accelerated degradation and lose their structural integrity. Large hailstones could harm the damage as well. Make sure to look for solar panels that are proven and tested to endure inclement weather systems like hailstorms. 

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